Significance:  顺禾文化(图1)

Shenzhen Shunhe Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is like a vigorously growing seedling in the sun,  She devotes to revitalization of the national automobile industry by innovative technology, and make people's mobile life smarter and safer.

Our logo: 顺禾文化(图3)

We are the leader in this industry, with advanced technology. We move forward positively, and never stop making process. (The “F” shape is like the left front corner of the car, which means we are professional in car related products)

Our color: Orange

It Symbolizes the rising sun in the morning, which is passionate, aggressive and booming. It also symbolizes traffic safety warning!

Our Vision:    

To be the global leader in automotive electronics.

Our Mission:  

To make people's mobile life smarter and safer.

Our Values:  

Customer-centric, technology-centered;   Happiness, passion, integrity, patience.